Monday, May 19, 2008

Kick-Ass Fabric Store Soundtrack Alert

The fabric store in closest proximity Hypercorrect Headquarters is the Hancock Fabrics located on 42nd and Wadsworth. Last Wednesday, I found myself wandering around there in a sort of morose and bewildered stupor after a very distressing week.

But that’s not at all the point of this posting. The big news that Hypercorrect needs to share is that the Hancock Fabrics on 42nd and Wadsworth plays KICK-ASS MUSIC, like, ALL THE TIME. Hypercorrect finds themselves at Hancock rather often, usually when our combined super brain power is needed to make critically important craft- and sewing-related decisions. Every time we’re there, whatever corporate satellite station they pump over the speakers is always playing a really marvelous mix. It’s the kind of mix that would be on the jukebox if Hypercorrect owned a cool dive bar (It goes without saying that it would be a cool bar if it was owned by Hypercorrect). Or if Hypercorrect were DJs at a snooty club. I get so distracted by the playlist at Hancock that I can’t even focus on matching buttons with rickrack with zippers with thread.

Here’s just a small excerpt of Hancock Fabrics’ Fab Wednesday Afternoon Soundtrack:
Break it to Me Gently - Brenda Lee
Mr. Pitiful - Otis Redding
Tossing and Turning - Bobby Lewis
Where Have all the Good Times Gone? - The Kinks
Everybody’s Talking at Me - Harry Nilsson
Bring it on Home to Me - Sam Cooke

Listening to lyrics like “Well, once we had an easy ride and always felt the same/Time was on our side and I had everything to gain/Let it be like yesterday…” makes the search for sewing supplies in a sad, fluorescently-lit suburban store seem really evocative and important. And Hypercorrect always loves it when the events of everyday life seem really evocative and important.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

For those of you who don't know, today celebrates the anniversary of Mexico's defeat of the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. I encourage everyone to take a trip down south to México and pick up a few lucha libre masks, for use in epic battles among friends. They're inexpensive and really fun. If you're unable to jaunt off to Mexico for a few days, the masks are also widely available online.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Delights of The Lab

The fourth in the Taste Test series at Belmar's The Lab took place yesterday evening. After missing out on the lectures covering bacon, salt and mushrooms, we scored some tickets to the last installment, "Honey." I learned that honey can be used just like Neosporin in a pinch. When might you use this information to your advantage? Well...
Let's say after wandering away from your friends during a luncheon in the woods, you become lost. As you fruitlessly search for some object to lead you back to the picnic, a ferocious raccoon leaps out from behind a tree and attacks you. After flailing around and screaming for some time, the raccoon tires momentarily, which gives you a few seconds to pull him off and fling him against a tree. Stinging from the raccoon scratches, you open your backpack to discover you've foolishly left your first-aid kit in the car, and all you've got with you is a big bottle of honey. After slathering your wounds, you no longer fear bacterial infection, but are faced with numerous other safety concerns, such as dehydration, bears and stickiness.

In addition to the lecture, the event consisted of sampling six delightful honey types and a small meal of duck, gravlax, salad and bread, all containing honey. Afterwards, we perused the art exhibit around the corner by Phil Bender. He has an amazing collections of things (things like doilies, lava lamps, hardware store rulers, beaded belts, and more) and all these things were on display. It's super-cool and worth checking out. The closing ceremony is Tuesday, May 6 and you should totally go to it. Free beer. Check it out: Bender Bender


Thursday, May 1, 2008

How To Speak Hip

How To Speak Hip
This is fun to listen to as a background to your daily web-surfing or computer-working activities. While the beatnik era has passed, today's hipsters follow a philosophy and rule structure eerily similar to the one presented on this album. Make sure to stick around for side two and the part about raspberry jell-o and paranoia.