Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beautiful Things

Marian Bantjes is a really great artist/designer who lives in a cabin and spends a lot of time making beautiful things. Go look at her latest project, "Love Stories", which she did for Creative Review.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dance Crazes Not Yet Discovered

I knew someone would come through with a fabulous follow-up to Dance Crazes That Never Caught On. Actually, I knew it would be Yetsko. Welcome to Undiscovered Dance Crazes. Let's get down:

Traveling Wilburys - Wilbury Twist Buy It
This dance sounds totally hard but totally worth it. And if you know nothing about the Wilburys, try and pick out the vocals of what are surely some of your favorite rock and roll stars.

Hasil Adkins - Chicken Walk Buy It
Hasil is such a bad-ass down-n-dirty original. Would this dance come off as completely goofy or strangely sexy?

Charles Sheffield - The Kangaroo
I'm guessing this dance fell the way of the Peanut Duck, but it's smooth, swingy and danceable nonetheless.

Les Sexareenos - Everybody Sexareeno! Buy It
Where did these guys come from? Did they materialize from all the weird shit collecting in Geetz Romo's garage?

The Real Kids - Do The Boob
Buy It
Another incredible, incredibly obscure band I would have never known about if not for the fact that I have incredibly cool friends.

Roger & The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet
Buy It
It's time for a little funk.

J. Hines and the Boys - Funky Bumblebee
And, maybe, just a little more.